Saturday, July 20, 2013

Las Cataratas

Yesterday was a great day. The team had a great trip to the waterfalls (Las Cataratas) it was incredible. The water was refreshing, it seemed to be warmer than the showers at the hotel. The views were magnificent.

Today we are being guided by Hugo to the ruins of Lamas. It is a town that is approximately 25 km west of town. Hugo is a Church leader. Please pray for him, as a leader, that he will remain strong in his faith and be an example to those around him.

This afternoon we will help at the youth conference. Pray that God will speak through us and he will give us the words to say. Please pray for the meeting between Mike/Delwin and the leader of the evangelical institute here in Peru. Pray for guidance, the meeting starts at 4:00 local time (3:00 pm MST)

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Day of Rest

The conference ended yesterday. It went very well and was received very well. At the end of the conference, one of the leaders of the bible association spoke highly of the conference and was very grateful for the work God has done this week.

The meeting with the leader of the association has been postponed until tomorrow. We ask for prayer for onsite and guidance during the meeting. They are possibly asking us to coordinate the the main annual conference for the entire association, which would include a significant increase in attendance. Pray that the motives are pure. We hope they have become confident/ comfortable with our focus and are now wanting to partner with us to further Gods work here in Peru. Pray the meeting goes well. The meeting is at 3:00pm MST.

This morning we were able to complete several projects around Delwin's house. We completed the some concrete work and moved some dirt. During the week Rob completed some electrical work, replaced the screen, and repaired the tire screen, etc. It has been great to serve such a wonderful family.

Today we have a relaxing day. We are going to rent motorcycles to ride up to the waterfalls for lunch and to swim. Tomorrow Hugo wants to take us on a tour of Lamas, a small tourist town.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Conference Day 3

The third day of the conference is about to begin, yesterday went very well. It is incredible how far people have come to attend the conference. Some have come from 10 hours away and other came from a coastal community because they were told to be here. Continued prayer for the men and women for their passion to learn about Christ and share His truths.

The men have shown a great interest in the counceling sessions. There is a perception here in Peru that pastors need formal training to counceling the people. They are genuinely interested in learning more about the role of
Pastors and biblical counceling. There are more sessions of biblical counceling today. Pray that the teachers have clarity in what they preach and the translators are clear in the translation. Thank you for your continued prayer.

Today we have the hog feed, all preparations have been made and the fire has been lite. There is an excitement within our group to share this meal with the men. Prayer that the soccer game and fellowship brings glory to God.